How We Review the Best Scar Treatment

At Digital Growth Reviews, we believe in methodology and wanted to provide you a look behind the curtain at our criteria for ranking these products. To be clear, these rankings are not based on superstitions and fallacies, but from studying the individual products according to the following five criteria.

review methodology

Quality – Does the scar product meet or exceed the quality application. Does the product actually do what is promised in regards to scars.

Customer Service

Customer Service – We also look at customer service for each product and company. Is support available and accessible for customers and prospective customers? We want support to be helpful, courteous and prompt for our companies.

Service Delivery

Delivery – Digital Growth looks at how long a product takes to be delivered and if this meets or exceeds client expectations.

Payment System

Payment System – Does the companies listed provide easy to use payment systems with multiple payment options designed for the customer?

Web Site

Web Site Usability – We love websites at Digital Growth and consider ourselves user experience purisits. Does a website and product purchase function as it should and is it easy to navigate? We care less about your pretty graphics and more about the actual content and experience on the page.

These aren’t the only factors we look at. We also search user reviews and SEO tactics for the websites, but these are less reliable and more open to manipulation. Hope you enjoy our scar treatment list based on this research and all the rest of the review sites created by Growth Digital.