We believe that we are not the only way to find out about scar treatments. We think there is a wealth of online resources that prove valuable when you review your product choices. Here are some of our favorites:

Consumers Advocate - Consumers Advocate provides reviews and recommendations for everything from life insurance to a new refrigerator (and everything in between). “Decisions made easy” is their motto and we have to agree that they help a ton.

Amazon - No other website in the world has as many customer reviews and this makes sense since Amazon pioneered user reviews all the way back in 1995! Now some reviews are manipulated, but remember overall Amazon is very trustworthy.

TrustPilot and TrustSpot - Provide great reviews that are usually verified by the systems independently. Great place to find out about the business, products and customer service.

Which - This last one is one of our favorite. Which originally started as a print operation and made the successful transition online. Providing unbiased reviews Which seeks has been on customers side for over 60 years.