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Last reviewed: January 01, 2019

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Scarless MD

 Scarless MD

For years I have been in a constant battle with acne. All throughout my high school and college years I have tried multiple treatments with varied success. Now as a young professional I have been able to successfully clear up my acne prone skin. Unfortunately, I was left with scars from the years of combating breakouts. In what feels like the final battle, Scarless MD has me feeling confident about my skin. Keep in mind that I approached this product with some hesitation, given my limited success from other over the counter treatment options in the past.

Product and Treatment Explanation

Scarless MD is a lotion that ultimately provides your scarred skin the best chance of fading into a distant memory. I've used Scarless MD for approximately three months now and the regimen is rather simple. Three times a day I simply gently massage the lotion on my scars. If I'm anticipating any sun exposure I will use a good zinc containing sunblock to help protect from harmful UV rays. Given my long history of acne treatments, this step has become more of a habit by now anyways. As time has gone by, I have been able to more aggressively massage the lotion onto the affected scars and this has resulted in even better results.

The first month or so there was noticeable fading of the scars. However, as time has progressed, the Scarless MD seems to be fading the affected regions at a more accelerated rate. There are multiple proven ingredients that make Scarless MD so effective. As someone with very sensitive skin, I have had very good luck so far with the product. I particularly enjoy the scent free aspect of the lotion. In addition, the lotion goes on very smoothly and doesn't leave behind any unwanted residues. It consists of a silicone gel, containing antioxidants, hydrating oils, and vitamin E to create the perfect place for scars to heal quickly. Silicone has multiple proven benefits that are backed by science. I've actually found success prior with silicone sheets for my scars, but they didn't make as much sense for treating smaller acne scars. Silicone not only protects the scarred tissue from invasion of bacteria that would lead to excess collagen production, but also reduces itching and discomfort. Also, the formula provides a very noticeable feeling of hydration to the scar regions.

I've been a proponent of vitamin E usage for a few years now, and was pleasantly surprised to see that this was one of the main ingredients in the product. There is definitely something very honest about the way in which this product works. As with many things in life, results often take persistence and time to achieve. This lotion keeps working hard at fading away years worth of scarring, one day at a time.

Pricing and Value of Product

All things considered, the pricing on this product is somewhat high, yet the results are also very noticeable. Compared to its competitors, Scarless MD tends to be on the pricier side, However, my dermatologist's recommendation of the product overshadowed any thoughts of trying cheaper product offerings. In this case, I think it is accurate to say that you do indeed get what you pay for. The packaging definitely exudes quality with the materials that are chosen. In addition, the sizing of the product seems appropriate for the use frequency of three times a day. I didn't feel that such a small amount of lotion was given that I'd rushing out to by more right away. Perhaps my only other minor complaint would be that the pumper does not seem to provide a consistent output of lotion. Overall, Scarless MD is definitely on the pricey side, but based on my results I believe it is well worth the additional cost.

Pros and Cons


  • Works as marketed, no gimmicks
  • Easy regimen for applying the lotion
  • Not greasy
  • No odors
  • Goes on smoothly, no residue


  • A bit expensive compared to similar products
  • Inconsistent pumping of the lotion at times
  • Results not drastic, but are very noticeable after extended use
  • Did not include an exfoliator which would have helped to remove old scar tissue
  • costly product
Science Behind the Product

As an engineer, I always approach any form of medical treatment from the scientific side. My first question in this case was what is the formulation of Scarless MD designed to do? I pleasantly surprised to see actual scientific information provided by the producers of Scarless MD on their website. Their breakdown of the main components and each of their roles was clear and succinct. The silicone increases hydration and therefore facilitates regulation of fibroblast production and reduces the production of collagen, resulting in flattening of the scar and softer skin.

The silicone also serves in protecting the scarred tissue from bacterial, modulating various growth factors, and reducing itching and overall discomfort associated with scars. The other main ingredients of antioxidants, hydrating oils and vitamin E all help promote healing and skin health. Perhaps the best way to explain the function of the lotion is as a habitat for scar healing that is being fed all of the essential nutrients it needs.

Three months in to my use, and the science is definitely indisputable given my great results. I would however suggest inclusion of an exfoliator in your treatment regimen. This will allow for the removal of old scar tissue. Per Scarless MD's website, I intend on continuing use of the lotion for another 9 months, especially since I am continuing to notice the results of the lotion.